Top 10 Ingenious Designs Hidden in Everyday Objects

We often take the shape, look and design of every-day products for granted. In reality, centuries of refinement have gone into making household items practical …


  1. This was a great video. I did want to let you know that the pull tab we have now on our soda cans is another cool thing. when you pop the tab open, if you leave the tab that way, the larger hole is meant for you to put a straw in it and it will be held there

  2. 9:45 i heard it was changed because after the movie War Games rolled out AT&T asked coke to stop using those tabs because it could be used for phreaking (David, the main charachter used a tab for making a free call on a payphone)
    at least according to imdb

  3. How big usually are windows in an airplane? Everytime I flew the windows were very small – like 1-2 square feet and it surprise me how big I see them on photos on internet and movies.

  4. When computerized locks take over (If I live that long), I think I will use key/mechanical locks. My reasoning, crooks will probably get better at creating hacking software to bypass the system and enter the code and will lose their skill at lock picking (given you get a fairly complex lock).

  5. Just a note here..it is 3 180 degree turns not 4. You see that very clearly in the paperclips production video. I am AMAZED that your editors did not catch this.

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