Top 10 Insane Celebrity Homes

The rich and famous celebrities of the world have some insane homes. Here are ten of the most insane celebrity homes. Subscribe for more!


  1. Bullshit for Naomie Campbell, I went both to google eart and Bing map and there is no such thing as a house like that on this small island, there's isnt any foundation yet

  2. Im stopping following this Channel, too many ads, I mean guys c'mon on or two its ok, or for a small YouTuber, but for a channel like this one??

  3. Looks like all those stupid rich people don't have much concern for climate change or their carbon footprint. I wonder how many of them preach about climate change and reducing carbon footprint to their legions of adoring sheep, I mean fans.

  4. So funny therichest have copied this video and also stolen your thumbnail and cropped it so it cuts out the logo of your channel. It's really sad that you are making such better videos and a inferior channel is stealing your ideas instead of coming up with its own

  5. I think these people sold their souls to the devil and are apart of the illuminati to be able to have this kind for wealth. And who needs all that when people are starving, suffering and dieing Shame on them, they need GOD in their lives. NO JUST MONEY!! Stupid ass fools, the gates of heaven won’t open up for them and all that greed. A door to hell will unleash and down they go. Amen

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