Top 10 Monstrous Creatures That Have Ever Been Caught

Monstrous Creatures don’t just exist in fiction: there really are humungous beasts out there. To make the revelation even sweeter, some have even been …


  1. Not best impressed with the promoting of killing rare beasts. Am V disappointed in you guys. Always been an avid follower… thought more of you, I really did.

  2. Biggest bear ever sighted was actually 13ft tall and was dna tested to have polar bear dna in it as well from the last time the continents broke apart but the majority of it's dna was grizzly

  3. I want to jerk a knot in your azz everytime you miss pronounce, " Tahoe ".
    I didnt think there was anyone who hasnt heard the name at least once or twice in the news or on a movie…but there is always one jackazz in the crowd….

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