Top 10 Most Extraordinary Discoveries Made From Antarctica

Antarctica is the most mysterious place on Earth holding many amazing discoveries. Here are the Top 10 Most Extraordinary Discoveries Made From Antarctica.


  1. You get a thumbs down for your PROMOTING LIES OF THE ALT LEFT, it's NOT climate change causing these changes, it's SAND MINING and AL GORE'S friends burning down the rain forest while BLAMING us for increased CO2. What a FRAUDSTER these evil creatures are? Blaming us while they are destroying our planet to sell SAND for cement while burning down the rain forest for water rights!


  2. There were dinos in antartica because when the World was at the time of dinos, the World was in pangea, that means every continent was conected in one massive landform, including antartica, and in that time antartica was hot, because it was close to the ecuator, probably you did not understand what I say, but is real.

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