Top 10 Most Heavily Guarded Places on Earth

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep certain important locations around the world safe? Well, wonder no more! From prisons to vaults to the White …


  1. they didnt bother to mention that ft knox is also in the middle of a huge military base, lol and full of heroin and drugs for trumps parties

  2. Yes, my friend managed to drop her phone onto the lawn of the White House and multiple sniper watchers on the roof looked down at it and it was quite the event just to get it back since it was just out of arm's reach

  3. In regard to Iron mountain which is 220 ft underground being "cooled" by water from underground lakes….callin BS on that. Avg temp at depth underground is 52 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why underground homes and caves don't need cooling units.

  4. Clickbait Title. Should say, Some of the most heavily guarded Places on Earth THAT WE KNOW OF. The ones we don't know about are obviously guarded to the extreme and most likely underground or water, making pictures difficult at best.. Thanks.. 🙂

  5. Donald J. Trump has been president for over a year by the time this video is made. Shows pictures of Obama when talking about the White House. Cuck.

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