Top 10 Most Incredible Time Capsule Findings

Whilst time machines don’t exist (yet), time capsules are the closest thing we have in reality to them, so lets find out the most incredible time capsules! Subscribe …


  1. i wanna make a time capsule full of osamu tezuka manga and anime, a girl guide uniform from 2018, a scout uniform with red,blue and green cords on it and a usb stick with the 2011 gang show on it

  2. I'm gonna go make my own time capsule and I'm gonna put all my porn collection and porn toys for boys and girls and I will not gonna forget the jack Daniel and condom for safety and I will open it in 2050

  3. who in tf wants to live in this world for 140 years? I got news: You people are fucking nuts! The good are also lucky to die young. Humans are stuck on destroying the future, fuck more time to watch it burn!

  4. “Things we all want to see in the near future”. You want to see America try and take over Canada? Lol. It’s happened before, and Canada slapped the Americans around like little bitches. The same thing would happen today. If anything, Canada will take over america. The u.s. is a third world shot hole now. Get over yourselves.

  5. I’m going to start putting fuck yous in bottles and omg omg yea ima start Fukin with the future make people totally think we’re dicks. Treasure maps that lead to a chest with fuck u in it lol

  6. I remember making a clay time capsule at high school but I can't remember what was put in it but I do know it was a few years before the year 2000 so it is definitely over 20 years old, which I think is super cool!

  7. I am guessing somewhere around 5000 years form now people should be able to see who we where and what was life then, since internet content is stored and they will have access to it anytime, just like the Facebook profile of their grandpa who died thousands of years ago

  8. my Chicago chemist professor stated they created/invented a teleporter that's capable of moving about 2 atoms or less from about 25FT!!if you can find something about that it would be great

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