Top 10 Most Unusual Guns You Won’t Believe Exist

Some gun enthusiasts will settle for having the largest collection of rifles, pistols and weaponry. Keep watching to learn about the top ten guns you won’t believe …


  1. Dude the original purpose for a punt gun was for when ducks became to freindly and would fly into bay so the made a gun that would kill a flock then used for c Commercial use

  2. Nice job photo shopping a minigun and a glock with a double drum mag, all you really did was erase the front of the gun and left the trigger guard, despite the minigun's trigger being close to the handle, also, what makes you think a minigun is suitable for becoming a pistol? The rotary action is not that beneficial when a pistol's primary purpose is to be a backup
    Fuckin Virgin

  3. Punt guns were used by market hunters to harvest large quantities of waterfowl with one shot the Hunter would skull the boat within range then fire to close shreded birds to far lots of wounded birds

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