Top 10 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

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  1. I've just got to say, I'm absolutely heartbroken that they cancelled Sense8. It could be kind of messy and confusing but at the same time it was heartwarming and touching. This show took the time to make well developed, layered characters and portrayed their connection in a very compelling manor. I think Sense8 had so much more to give and I wish it had the chance to do so #bringbacksense8

  2. Bruh they buggin out with this list. Here's a real list:

    The OA
    Sons of Anarchy
    Mad Men
    Bates Motel
    Stranger Things
    The Last Kingdom
    The Walking Dead
    Master of None
    House of Cards
    Pinky Blinders
    Breaking Bad
    New Girl

    I know I can't remember them all off the top, but Black Mirror is wayy too depressing and I haven't seen Sense8. I see alot of people mentioning that one and how they mad its cancelled. I hate watching good cancelled shows. Also, am I the only one who thinks these Marvel super hero shows are all trash? I mean shit. I think Arrow and Jessica Jones are trash, Dare Devil is serviceable, and Iron Fist is straight GARBAGE. Iron Fist is so bad I'm surprised that shit hasn't gotten cancelled already. I honestly don't know how something like Iron Fist gets the "OK" to be aired. Unbelievable

  3. Anyone else think the writing in CW's and Netflix's superhero shows is just awful? I can't get into the many reasons, without writing an essay (which I'd prefer not to), but CW does terrible writing for their DC shows and Netflix does terrible writing for their Marvel shows. Gotham has great writing though!

  4. There is no "decision" to commit suicide. 13 Reasons was terrible and just a teeny bopper show to help explain to kids why people commit suicide. They left TONS of shit out. Mental health was ignored…. and revenge was the topic. Leave suicide alone when revenge is the reason, it's not suicide. SO FAKE!!!!!!!

  5. The Crown deserve a place, it's the most expensive tv series of Netflix original and BRILLIANT acting all across the board. I don't even like the royal or Downtown Abbey bs but damn this is too good to miss.

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