Top 10 Places Frozen In Time

There are some amazing places frozen in time on earth. Today we’re unraveling some of those stories by counting down ten of the most intriguing places frozen …


  1. Fairbanks Arizona is abandoned except for 10-20 people living there in rvs and campers. there's an abandoned grave yard church and a few houses left plus the train station that the trains would stop at to drop off people and supplies that were headed to Tombstone Arizona

  2. Should have mentioned Imber alongside Dollersheim. Imber was once a quiet English village on the edge of Salisbury Plain until the 1940's when the MOD took it over for military training. The MOD claimed they'd return the village after the war but never did. It still remains on the Plain used to practice urban combat. The MOD did keep their word regarding the church which has never been damaged. The public can visit once a year and the churchyard still sees burials.

  3. This channel used to clickbait when the amaze character was different… Now you tell truth and that character is changed. It's what I realized when I saw one of the videos saying the world will end in 2022 we'll that's old!

  4. I've been to Craco in Italy, you have to dodge the Military Police to get in and watch out for thier patrols, but its worth it. There is a really old church there with amazing art etc but the whole place is amazing.

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