Top 10 Real Life Superheroes Caught On Camera Saving People

You don’t need to wear tights and a mask to be a true, life-saving superhero. Here are the top ten most amazing, real-life superheroes ever to have been caught …


  1. I have save two people at different times one from a fire another stuck under a heavy object that the men could not lift and I as a women lift it off of a kid. You hit thumbs up if you have ever saved someone!

  2. Calling soccer a dangerous sport… they are all overpaid pussies… I watched one dude flail and scream like he'd been shot from a congratulatory tap on the shoulder from his own team mate…. how do them fags have the balls to go out in public after doing that gay shit.

  3. 7. is bullshit. you can't 'swallow your tongue,' if someone collapses and you shove your hand inside their mouth you're doing fuckall to save them (and might actually cause harm).

  4. Sigh IT. IS. IMPOSSIBLE. TO. SWALLOW. YOUR. TONGUE. Never ever try to put your hand or fingers in someone's mouth if in shock or having a seizure. It takes only as much energy to cut your finger off than to chew through a carrot.

  5. I once took on four gangbangers who were kicking the shit out of some poor bastard 30' from my apartment door. Took a crowbar to the face for my troubles. 14 stitches, open skull fracture, but no concussion. My best friend still calls me a hero for what I did, I just say other people are cowards if they wouldnt.

    EDIT: I broke one guys collarbone with a hammerfist, and snapped anothers fingers when he grabbed at me. Dont fuck with the skinny white kid, you never know if he took three years of Muay Thai or not…

  6. That old man…. bro I would spend all the time he wants till he past after that fight….."what Gramps u wanna watch gone with the wind and eat cream of wheat? Ill be there in 10mins and I got the loud pak Gramps.

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