Top 10 Reasons For Strange Food Mysteries

Sometimes food mysteries are naturally occurring and sometimes foods have been around for so long we can’t even remember why they are that way. Here are …


  1. Lays must be one crappy chip company. We don't really get this kind of problem with ETA or Bluebird. Sure there's Nitrogen in the bags, but the way you lot go on and on about those Lays, makes it sound like they literally put just a handful of chips in before sealing it.

  2. "Tying the knot" is a nod to the Pagan ritual of hand-fastening where a ribbon is tied around the wrists of the betrothed during the ceremony, signifying their union. It has nothing to do with pretzels!

  3. I always thought that life savers had a hole in them so it would be harder to choke on them so if they got stuck in your throat, there would be a hole for air hence the name, "life savers".

  4. The yellow (and sometimes reddish) part of the cashew is delicious and one can make a great juice from it. Here in my country we grow up with stories about how dangerous it is to bite the raw cashew nut and so we never eat them raw. Just throw them away.

  5. The ignorant consumers STILL don't understand that chips/crisps are sold by WEIGHT, not VOLUME! So, whiners, it doesn't matter how much nitrogen is in the bag, you still get the same weight of chips. Duh!

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