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  1. since you mentioned the zorb going down the cliff event you really should have done it with some respect instead of laughing since a person died. typically i dont criticize but that just seemed kind of harsh

  2. That girl at 1:02, pause when you see her, look at her face as she gets hit by the ball.. Then watch and pause inbetween each second as she goes crashing into the ground, clearly hurting her head in the process. "It was at this moment Sally realized, she had made a bad decision in life and paid the ultimate price. So much for hanging out with the cool kids."

  3. +BE AMAZED .. just some constructive criticism.. only God/Jesus creates (ex-nihlo) … only He is subject of the word 'create'. Man doesn't create a thing. Cause yes.. as part of cause and effect, but create, umm no.. only God/Jesus is the one who can speak something into existence and instantly it happens.

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