Top 10 Storage Units People Regret Buying

Lots of unlucky people regret buying certain storage units at storage auctions. From total financial busts to a massive mess, here are some of the worst storage …


  1. wait it was said cage had already been paid by the insurance company for the comic and the locker buyer recieved the 2+ million from the sale? this video is shit value or something?

  2. There is no such thing as 5000$ or 500$!!! It's $5000 and 500$! How low of the guy who found the leg to make money off people getting a photo with it! How did the guy's leg get put into a storage unit? Somebody didn't make payments on the unit, that's how it got auctioned. Judge Mathis is an idiot.

  3. Do better research, multiple videos with multiple errors now.

    That Nicolas Cage one, lost you a subscriber. The guy actually got to keep the comic and was the one who sold it.

  4. regarding the comic and nicolas cage, I watched a different video with best things found in a storage, that video says Nicolas recevied insurance money as the comic was stolen, and the person whom brought the unit contents was able to keep the comic until he sold it for 1 million.

    So who is telling the right story???????

  5. Wait a minute. I just watched another video that said Nick Cage didn't get the comic book back because the insurance was paid to him for the comic book and that the new owner had the rights to it and sold it on auction for 2 million. What was the truth?

  6. If it was filled with living Cats and (the singer) Madonna, i had fu**g blowed it up with all explosives i could possible found, incinerated the crater with fire and burried all traces left hundred feets down in the earth with a metalpole hammered trough it…

  7. when making a top 10 video you should make sure the facts are right in number 7 he never got the comic back and the guy got to keep the money so it should not even be on the list.

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