Top 10 Submarine Movies

Submarine movies are almost always claustrophobic, epic and tense: these are some of our faves. In this video, http://www.WatchMojo.com counts down our …


  1. BTW, regardless of your opinion on German military humanoids, the ultimate question is not whether or not they were Nazis, but what and WHO does ANY military fight for? In the case of Germany….Nazi or not, they were fighting, some would say, for "their country" but we all know that means for the government in CHARGE. The German fought for Hitler and THAT Germany, which means he was fighting FOR Nazi-ism and the preservation not only of his world but his chosen way of life. Dare ANY sick defender of the "innocent German" care to define what the German was fighting FOR? You dare NOT, but I do! He fought to exterminate whole races in the most ghastly ways imaginable even today. He destroyed worlds and wrecked the planet in a way we have STILL not recovered. Who fought the war on our side? The best of our soldiers and men. They never came back and we lost GENERATIONS of good men while allowing so many of their lesser to multiply, which DOES explain a LOT about our world today. The echoes of the murderous Hitler and the monster minions who served in his military still pain and twist the world of today. You cannot defend them. They fought for evil and knowing it or not, making other excuses or NOT, it was THEY who pulled the trigger on the world and MURDERED, MURDERED, MURDERED! No, no living person who fought for Germany is anything but a living monster. Luckily for the world, most of those monsters are now dead. We are left to wonder, however, of the following generations and how many sick monsters got the seed from their parent. We also, and more sickeningly, have to read about those too far removed from the reality anymore to see clearly and who can assign a RELATIVELY judgment of NO FAULT upon these wicked creatures. I tell you that, as an AMERICAN of german extraction, it was the pride and joy of my parent's and grandparent's generation, in two world wars, to kill as many of those "innocent and just fighting for their country" Germans as possible. As far as my generations are concerned, we killed more than our fair share. Oh yes, I am an American and NOT a "german – American". You either are an American or you are not. You are not something else and you should have no sympathy or identification with anything or any other culture but the one who nurtures you.

  2. I might have skipped Yellow Submarine and substituted Destination Tokyo, which truly WAS a great submarine movie. I thought that, if one stretches the definition of sub movie to include 20,000 Leagues, one might have also made Operation Petticoat a finalist. Yet, while hoping for that and thinking about Crash Dive and Operation Pacific, I realized that all your other "top NINE" choices simply had to be there as well. I guess a TOP FIFTEEN would have been best, LOL! Great Job!

  3. "The Damned" (1947) is interesting for appearing so soon after the end of World War II, and looks a bit like an underwater version of the-much-later "Ship of Fools" (1965). Then there's "Destination Tokyo" (1943), as World War II was happening. And, for that "The Enemy Below" flavor, "Star Trek: Balance of Terror" has two starship captains playing cat-and-mouse in deep space.;)

  4. Well, at least you put Das Boot in first place, although you evidently haven't seen it at all. The crew and its officers were NOT Nazis!
    They were seamen at war with England. There is a scene where one very young officer expresses his loyalty to Adolf and he gets immediately railed by the Captain. Even at the beginning of the movie, where most of the antagonists get drunk as hell in a french bar/brothel, a submarine captain is drunkenly criticising Adolf and his Nazi crownies.
    In a way, this movie is a about men in service for their fatherland and enduring the worst possible as a consequence of the crimes of their leadership. It is like as if Trump ordered an attack on a foreign country and american serviceman folloew his orders. You know, soldiers taking and obeying orders from a criminal…

  5. Since this post, movie named The Black Sea was released in 2015 i believe, which would deserve to be on this list. Jude Law as the leading man – but still worthy of a watch 😉

  6. The Director's Cut of "Das Boot" (at a whopping 4hrs 53min runtime) is the Must See version. After watching that you get the feeling you were actually on the sub, experiencing everything the crew did. This is due in large part to director Wolfgang Petersen's attention to detail, like keeping the cast deliberately inside dyeing filming so they would look as pale as a real u-boat crew. This is THE ultimate submarine movie.

  7. 9:17
    – "Number 1: Das Boat" ?!?

    I'd use the "o" from the English word "to" and then "drag" the "o" sound:
    "To- o".
    "Das Boat" will now more correctly be pronounced [Bo-ot] => "Das Boot"

  8. Seen most of these movies here. But Das Boot stands out as very original/realistic/less holywood bulshit than most. And to be honest… realistic in those time =/= boring now…
    Also, if you watch Das Boot, watch it in German and subbed in English, those whispers and voices of the germans really adds to the immersion…

  9. My father was a WWII subvet–Gato class in the Pacific. He liked Das Boot for it's depiction of everyday life at sea and thought the convoy attack was pretty good (although he wanted to put the lookout that missed the approaching destroyer in a torpedo tube). He didn't like the depth charge attack scenes for different reasons, #1 being the sound of the dc's was very poorly done. Also, destroyers did depth charges in patterns so the odds of them all being that close to the boat and being at the right depth everytime was bogus. He said U-571 had depth charge attacks much more realistic than Das Boot although he still preferred Das Boot in general. (U-571 plot was stupid LOL). He also said he never heard anyone yelling and screaming during a depth charge attck–even when his boat got pounded in 44. "You patched the damage the best you could and tried not to make any noise at all. Anyone yelling like those guys would have been disqualified for sub duty." Das Boot is still my favorite though for the things they got right.

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