Top 10 Survival Tips From A Former Secret Agent

A little bit of information can save your life. Here are the most important survival tips that may save your life in a modern-day survival scenario. Subscribe for more …


  1. So wich one of these are actual former agent tips? Half of tjese u learn in health class or from ur mom. Well i guess no matter what it is if it an agent thats u it the title is still true even if tip is tp brush ur teeth it fight gingivities

  2. With the river survival, ALWAYS try to keep your feet in front of you. It'll keep you from potentially gutting yourself on a sharp rock and you can use your feet and legs to aid in guiding you in the direction that you need or want to go.

  3. If there's a dumpsters near by if a shootout happens use that to hide behind or beside because there made with thick steal and they bullets up to a 45-70 covermant round and if there two of them hide behind both of them to increase your chances of living.

  4. NOTE: if your using a belt to tie off a door hinge (towards the end of the video) DON'T put the belt by the hinge, it will just slide off. You need to tie down the other end so it can't even start to open a little bit.

  5. Spraying a powder extinguisher around during an attack to help you stay alive? That certainly won't draw attention to yourself I'm sure the terrorists will calmly fill some other poor sod full of holes while screaming allah snackbar as SWAT will do the job for them once they spot some ducktard laying down smoke for the baddies.

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