Top 10 Things Invented Just To Defy The Laws Of Physics

You can’t defy the laws of physics. But, many of the coolest inventions, like the warp drive, really do seem like they were invented just to defy the laws of physics!


  1. wow none of these defy the law of physics also perpetual motion machines work because energy cannot be created or destroyed only transferred and a perpetual motion machine traps the energy in a continuous loop if you tried generating energy from it you would only get as much as you gave it to start with

  2. @9:28 that’s because the area of effect on the sails is higher then the area of force exerted by the fan. It’s a simple calculation. Think about a parachute stopping you from falling vs. a giant fan placed under you stopping from falling. The fan would de nothing while the parachute would slow your fall enough to land safely. Helicopters are close to the same idea of a giant fan, however the power output and angle of attack are completely different.

  3. 10
    Good one
    Peregrinus Permanent Magnet Motor attested centuries earlier
    Laws of thermodynamics contested by overunity
    Lord Kelvin's formula 10³³ergs/cm³ exploited by Tesla and other early 20th Century Electrical Inventors
    It's Tesla's ether in Galilei's Classical Relativity, not Alcubierre's flatspace in Einstein's General Relativity.
    Veritasium channel debunked it years ago.
    Grain allows it to vary by direction of spin.
    Chirality is a good cover.
    That thing will hurt someone.
    Don't forget your fiber-optic bendable periscope sight.
    Hydroplane d'oh!

  4. You got a lot of facts wrong , senationalizing them. We do not have any functional warp engine, not even a concept prooving one. The EM Drive you showed has been proven to be not actually functional, and does not have anything to do with a warp drive even if it did. Furthermore, a 4 light years distance takes exactly 4 years to cross at the speed of light, for an external observer. Not 80 years. That was for a craft doing 5% of the speed of light, also theoretical. A tiny "detail" you "overlooked".

  5. Umm…… the fan is pulling air from the same direction that wind is always blowing from…. BEHIND the boat. It's doing the exact same thing. I'm not sure how that is confusing anybody. It is literally the same exact thing.

  6. Wrong on the sailboat. The momentum of the fan blades which are pushing the air, thrusts the momentum equally out the sides of the fan. This seemingly wasted momentum serves to stabilize the fan and negate any forward or backwards thrust created by the fan.

    Note that you could effectively turbo charge your sailboat with the clever use of a squirrel cage fan. 😉

  7. An on-board fan can propel a sail boat because of Bernoulli's principle. As required by Newton's laws, all of the forward energy of air channeled through the fan is cancelled out by the rearward thrust of the fan blades. But due to the Bernoulli effect, the total flow of forward-moving air is not limited only to the air acted upon by the fan blades. As the faster, high pressure air current exits the fan in the forward direction, it generates an entrained air current surrounding it, moving in the same direction. The result is a net gain of forward-moving air relative to the sail not acted upon by the fan blades, and therefore not canceled out by the rearward thrust of the fan.

  8. The physics we learned in school is very basic and quite limiting. Einstein thought his theories were wrong. He was right! Perpetual motion is a reality. Zero Point Energy is a reality. This video is seriously lacking.

  9. i believe you can make an object to runon it's own energy and now i want to put it into test to see.. here's what i'm thinking. like a normal setup as in 2:20 for example but with a those wheels that tighten and after awhile it'll release causing it to spin in full power once more and again turning the wheel. of course this isn't 100% it's just something i came up with that i believe can counter it.

  10. Total BS from a crackpot group.

    1. Perpetual Motion Machines DO NOT WORK, but video gives the impression (at the beginning) that the DO work.

    2. Warpdrive Engine DOES NOT WORK at all. It produces ZERO thrust. NASA & Chinese Space Agencies got ZERO thrust. Anybody who says otherwise is LYING.

    3. SpaceX booster does NOT require energy of four MILLION tonnes of TNT, but rather four THOUSAND tonnes of TNT, 1,000 times LESS. Numbers count. Don't just fling them around.

    4. Space Elevator would need to be at least 42,164 km, not a hundred kilometers. Do your research!

  11. Actually we do know what provided the "thrust" for the zero fuel chamber. As it turns out, the equipment scientists are able to use to measure forces has gotten sensitive enough that what was being detected was the magnetic field of the Earth itself. We know that there wasn't any thrust being created by the "bouncing of microwaves" because the measurements were the same no matter which direction they were made in, relative to the "thrust" device. If thrust were actually being created by the device itself, the measurement for the direction being thrust towards would be different than the measurement for the direction being thrust against.

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