Top 10 Tricks Carnivals Don’t Want You To Know

Carnival games are tons of fun. However, you better think twice when spending on these games, or you might end up getting played by them. Here are the top …


  1. I won at the dart and balloon game.
    When the clerk wasn’t watching I bent down as if to tie my shoe but instead sharpened the tarts on the concrete.

    I figure it’s not cheating because they under inflate the balloons and dull the darts, so why can’t I sharpen the darts.

  2. I managed to do the ladder one and ring the bell at the end but he said I couldn’t win a prize cause I dragged my self up and used my arms and not my legs

  3. I spent a summer hauling a carnival around the northwest. I was just a driver for the company, so on weekends while the carnival was open, I just hung out and walked around. I can confirm that everything in this video is true. However, in Washington state, only games of skill are allowed. Games of change are illegal.

  4. I was at a carnival and they were holding this tournament for this carnival game, and I was in it. It was for kids, and at the time I was like 8 or 9, and somewhat of a sore loser. I made it into the finals with 3 other kids, and the prize had a value of 100 dollars. I was in first place out of all of them, until one of the kid’s dads stepped in and pushed his kid aside. He won and took the prize, flaunting it off to us and other passerbys at the carnival. I was super pissed and left the carnival in tears. Not the best reaction to it, but what that fatass did was uncalled for and unethical.

  5. Well this isn’t a win but I just wanted to share this. Once me and one of my friends were trying to complete the rope ladder mini-game. It was her turn and she managed to get really really close to the bell but then the spiteful person who was waiting decided to twist the ladder,she then fell immediately. BUT I decided to defend my friend by twisting the ladder while that person was on the ladder.

  6. The price tag on the huge stuffed teddy bear that you read cost 10 bucks at most had a cost that looked like $179.99 on the side of the bin, but i dunno maybe thats for something else.

  7. I worked at the ladder for 2 months, and they let me practice whenever no one was trying it. 2 days in to the job I could climb the ladder no problems.
    By the time I quit the job I could walk up and down it forward or backwards. I actually ended up getting a reasonable amount of tips from drunk challengers.

  8. When I was younger, I wanted to play the Basketball game at a carnival. My dad said he’ll do it once for me. He made a basket and the lady who gave us the basketball was confused. She gave me the prize anyway. She gave me a Bender ( Futurama) doll. I was five at the time and I didn’t know who he was. My dad did and asked the lady if she had anymore prizes. She said no. I still have the plush and now I’m 11

  9. Gotta go early in the morning and don't pay attention like you don't care. If they think you'll be walking around with your prize, you may win. I threw a dime over my shoulder at a rectangle the size of a playing card with a small circle in the middle. Object, dime inside circle the size of a penny. As I walked away he yells, "We got a winner" and for a dime I got a giant teddy bear. And carried it around Six Flags all day.

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