Top 20 Most Lethal Prison Weapons Ever Made!

With no real weapons available to the average prisoner, they get creative, fashioning deadly weapons out of whatever they can find. Here’s the top 20 most …


  1. why do people who are foreign (to america) refer to every state in america like its a country?

    american's say there going to "paris"
    foreign people say there going to "california"

  2. How the hell did the guy in number 1 get C4 in a prison!? I can’t believe more people didn’t comment on that. It’s hard to get that on the street let alone in prison. I want to hear more about how he got C4 !

  3. A bad one I've personally seen thats quite common and easily obtained, baby oil heated usually in a microwave, can reach temperatures above 400°F and cause a lot damage and excruciating pain

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