Top 20 Simple Life Hacks Everyone Should Know!

These fun Simple Life Hacks will make you more efficient and come in handy from time to time. From picking up broken glass to getting more torque on a screw …


  1. I use the scrubs for dishes as a scrubby for the shower. Will do a much better job of getting rid of dead skin. Rub gentle on face will feel like u had a facial. I'll go to home depot in the rental section & get the really big ones for the floor scrubbers. GREAT & cheap & last forever just through jn Laundry was as usual.

  2. so many. put street salt into a gallon jug. it will stop the oversalting.
    use a pipe with a cut in the end to tighten barb wire or cow fencing.
    Take a three-quarter inch or 1 inch conduit cut it to about 18 inches long put that into the soil feel the inside up a few inches with aquarium rock now you have a sleeve for your tiki torches versus putting them in the ground and taking them out with mud all over them

  3. The thing about the scissors on sandpaper will destroy your scissors, not sharpen them! In order to get a sharper edge using this method, you'd have to use a VERY fine grit paper… say 300-400 , not the heavy grit shown. Still, a good sharpening steel will preserve the life of the scissors.

  4. Peeling a potato by first boiling it then dipping it in ice whater is completely stupid! One, it wastes energy in boiling and ice production. Two, it's inefficient. I would bet that I could peel a 10-lb. bag of spuds using a hand peeler faster than you could get one potato peeled by the water method.

  5. WTF is a "rubber pencil sleeve?" From what I am seeing, that is called Heat-Shrink Tubing sold for covering and insulating wire connections. Never heard it called a "pencil sleeve." I think your narrator just reads whatever is on the script without challenging it.

  6. If someone is tailgating you, simply turn on your hazard lights and swerve a little inside your lane… this scares the hell out of the tailgater and they usually pull back 50 or so feet.

  7. I’m so curious to know who in the be amazed group is Russian/Ukrainian because none of their narrators are (at least no manifestation of accents is apparent in their videos)

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