Top 5 most dangerous rappers (Alive)

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  1. I want Beef with Nobody…Fuck Nigga… Chief Keef…., He stole my light…. music….@8:30pm….I won't end up Dead….Chief Keef is dead Already to me…just like them…him…, Tell correct facts… Have a nice day @8:30pm 9-23-17

  2. Dude, you a snitch. You need to shut ya mouth, bro. You talking too much about shit you don't need to be talking about. These dudes trying to feed they kids, last thing they need is a cornball like you airing out business when you know damn well the FEDS watching this shit. Shut the fuck up.

  3. Where is Vanilla Ice on this motherfucker? I no for a fact that Tuff ass white boy stood up to Suge Knight like he nuttin and when it was all said and done." Ice even bought some stock in Death Row Records to.. Now I'm kinda new to this whole nigga wannabe Brothers trying to act black I'm telling you anything to sell records that's what the young kids are doing nowadays but back when rap was honorable and people had people showing them respect and vice versa Respect was measured by man's success and not his ability to have someone knocked off because they were jealous over someone making Enough Bank to choke a horse…If the shit don't straighten up soon there's going to be even more talented rappers dying in the streets over some petty ass beef nobody even knows how it get started. I'm saying show a pimp the same respect that you think you deserve..Not necessarily out of fear but out of respect that might save two lifes by using your brain that way and I know I know y'all don't want to be doing some life terms in Macon Georgia Dyersville and Smith State Prison you can hang that up there's no plane going on in that place they send you there because there is no rougher place to send you in Georgia. I don't know if they necessarily or trying to rebuild a tater brother but they damn sure are teaching her brother how to have more skills when he gets out as far as doing jobs making bank selling drugs capiche they're teaching drug dealers how to be better drug dealers they're teaching murderers how to become better murderers and this is all being paid for by the Georgia Lottery bunch of crazy motherfuckers that cannot be rehabilitated. I believe the Georgia Department of Corrections just cut the most dangerous of dangerous people in the same vicinity and let them go at it until eventually is going to wipe out half the population and other half is going to be so old they will want no part of it. I'm the kind of person that End of the movie I want the Motherfuckers to learn a better way to take care of himself then just by having skills in the yard where they get a chance to learn how to do different things the chance to be able to find a jobs when they throw out parole out and have to do all that paperwork just because you made parole doesn't mean that it's over you have responsibilities that they want they don't want to hear excuses they want results… Chill out with all the Shoulda Coulda Woulda get your life going the duration it needs to be going raise your family at the very very top of the line give thanks to God forgiving you the experience of being a father or mother because some people just don't get that experience . I will tell you that for those that do and actually understand that there was a correct lesson and time to learn it congratulations maybe you will be the 35% to actually make it after doing a long stretch of time in a maximum security Prison ….

  4. Your a punkass that don't know shit… The game wouldn't even go after The Bitch Stichez when Bitchez Stichez calling him out everywhere, so yep the game is bad ass pussy alright, just like your punkass punk

  5. how the fuck u gon make a top 5 video about rappers it's obvious this nigga don't know bout the fucking streets or rap he lame as fuck I wanna slap the shit out of dude

  6. Oakland Cali is verrrrrrrrrrry dangerous !!!!… 50 cent is nothing compared to PAC, and he's no where near as dangerous as Snoop…..Man please ! He's a snitch, and he got shot 5x not 9…

  7. watchin this video i wanted to clown on u but thats a pretty well thought out list i would partly agree with, keef only dangerous cause hes stupid tho

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