Top Pawg: Anja Dee nude video leaked….

LISTEN! I explain how to see it in the video “Flashlocs” CONTACT ME http://www.instagram.com/philochko http://www.vk.com/philochko.


  1. I got the vid. It's alright but not mind blowing. Don't get me wrong she's super fine. But don't expect anything past the Kim Kardashian effect. It's not hard to find if you search right. NOTHING is Secret on the "WWW". She had to know that this may be leaked @ the time of making it. I reiterate, NOTHING is Secret behind a camera lens.

  2. I don't know if she counts as a PAWG, she's Bosnian and she's said her family was Muslim – makes me think she's probably a middle easterner if you go far enough back (some of them can have huge asses under all those burqas).

    Anyway this girl was so arrogant when she was online, if you read her Twitter or Instagram she thought she was something special and not a whore and she took herself really seriously – ego as big as her butt. So this is a funny video to watch and see what she's reduced to. Mal Malloy seemed nice, Olivia Jensen seems nice, Randalin seems ok and kind of sympathetic, but this girl? She thought she was a queen or something just because of her huge butt.

  3. didn't even wait for you to finish before I went and download that shit…I BEEN WAITING ON THIS. Phil let us know when her Porn comes out PLEASE. luv this btch

  4. I saw the video.

    This is one of those rare instances where I actually think her butt looks better in clothes than it does nude. It looks amazing either way-But looks so much better in tights, or shorts.

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