Top Pawg: Big booty but thin hips

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  1. She sexy no doubt, but to me ass without hips is like having a Lexus, but you live in the projects.  Just aint the complete package.  But don't gimme wrong…she get fucked into a comma if I had the chance!

  2. She has a nice worked bubble butt but it isn't PHAT and she loses some points for having slim hips. Having PHAT ass and hips is what separates the girls from the bombshell women. The look can't be achieved without genetics and shaping work…… really good plastic and an ultra talented surgeon can get close depending on what they're starting with.
    Not taking anything away from this cutie….but the comparisons are in a different league if that's what your into.

  3. ok mean I truly do love her booty and you can tell she had booty and is genetically blessed! it just needed shape more I'm sure but her plump booty is NOT BIG LMAOOOOOO! not big at all lol. just plumped and small to medium sized booty! she's very great though!!!

  4. I think having less hip makes the booty poke out more vertically which the bubble butt term comes from versus having obvious hip structure it's spreads the booty out making the booty wider horizontally . just a theory. idc I love both for different reasons

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  6. Im a black man and this is just another reason why I just date white women for the past 4 years and I have been happy ever since. At this point in my life black women are not my taste right now 🙂

  7. This chick is HOT and a nice booty is a nice booty but I personally prefer that "hour glass" shape like Brianna Love and Briella Bounce have. It's rare but that shape looks the best to me especially when a chick has on a snugg pair of jeans. It's just more eye-catching to me!

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