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  1. Islam is a ridiculous religion. I'm tired of this Western "Queers for Islam", "LGBTQs for Islam" "Jews for Islam"and this other shit. It's hypocritical bullshit and it needs to stop. Woman advocating for Islam in America (Linda Sarsour), a religion where her opinion wouldn't be valid.

    Now let's get to pure Islam, and not the watered down Western Islam.
    Fuck it, if you are gay, Jewish, Christian, or anything other than straight and Muslim, you can be killed, even in progressive Dubai. Terrorism isn't the issue, Islam is. Read the Qur'an and you'll see what I mean.

    And fuck anyone who tries to shame me for being islamophobic , damn right I am, and anyone who tries to shame me for it is a misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic.

    Just felt like I had to say something, because I'm American and I won't be stoned in the street for speaking out against it…(I'll just be stoned on the internet)

    But, if anyone wants to have a fair and honest discussion to challenge my beliefs and vice versa, feel free to reply

  2. they did a pretty good thing beating the shit out of them give your prophet of common sense a like . reason i don't want to see my kids getting naked and doing shit like that.. to put my name down or their own name for the sake of the matter having opinion is one thing but being a complete shit is another thing they could have debated with shirts on

  3. I think people have a problem with those of the Islamic faith because of the female genital mutilations, the honor killings of the women, just the poor treatment in general of the female population.

  4. yeaaa girls take off ur shirts it will "surely" change the world .. your doing a "Great Service " to the human race … ahahaahahhahahahahahah

  5. you say those were people u forgot to mention that those people a huge majority are terrorists or exremeley radical dogmatic people …… look at europe new …. do you regret saying that they were people ?

  6. You can hit a woman, but you better expect her to hit you back like the bitch you are. And if she hits you, you hit her back. That's equity. Either that or my favorite option: DONT HIT ANYONE THATS A VERY ASSHOLE-ISH THING TO DO

  7. those sluts were in front of peoples children and teens and grandparents and mothers and fathers. they had no right to force their disgusting nakedness onto their little children. I WOULD HAVE KICKED THEM IN THE HEAD TOO.

  8. That's not BAMFS. That is stupid. It's the same level stupid as protesting with blood (fake period blood) on body.
    Don't misunderstand i thing the men should be extremely punished for hitting and kicking the women.
    In my opinion the method of protest was beyond stupid it's very very inappropriate or just pure stupid

  9. Scientists believe that an electromagnetic coil that alters signals in the brain could be used to temporarily reduce extreme beliefs.
    A study by the University of York and the UCLA in the US showed participants had less religious faith and viewed immigrants more sympathetically after being 'zapped' with the device.
    The electromagnetic coil is placed on the scalp and used to perform a technique known as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This uses a magnetic field to interfere with the pattern of signals in the brain, and has been posited as a potential treatment for a range of mental disorders from depression to autism, reports Newsweek.
    Perhaps this could be the start of finding a permanent cure for the delusions of the religious, especially muslims(c)?

  10. nice to see the religion of peace, like they own that title, KICKING AND BEATING the topless protestors who crashed that Islamic conference…let us see…what was the topic? Oh, yeah…WHEN AND HOW TO BEAT YOUR WIFE…The religion of disturbing the peace has no business discussing peace when peace, in their little minds, will only come about when only Islam dominates the world, courtesy of the devil…

  11. Nudity in the US is a big deal because you guys are idiots, you acept violence, guns in your households, but porn, nudity, sexuality and stuff… NO!!!! THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS!!! THAT'S THE DEVIL'S WORK!!! Mortal Kombat= TOTALLY FUNNY, Let's make a hundred videos showing every single fatality in 4K Ultra HD super gory quality, Bayonetta= BAN THAT PIECE OF SHITTY OVERSEXUALIZED GAME THAT OFFENDS ALL RIGHTEOUS WOMEN AND TURN MEN INTO MINDLESS RAPISTS… Sex and Nudity are a natural part of being humans and harms nobody when well conducted, violence is violence, it only brings harm and all the bad things no matter how you conduct it, but you guys like your violence more than we latins like our sipcy food… any ways… burn me in the comments if you like

  12. What happened on 911 really brought out the worse feeling in me, but I believe combatants not civilians are the ones to be dealt with. I feel sorrow and concern for those people in that tragic Mosk accident.

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