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Ultimate Info on Entertainment

Do you ever wonder the ratings, cast or plot of a film? If so, then chances you’ve needed to use IMDB – the International Movie Database. It’s got all of the information you could possibly imagination about entertainment including cast lists, theatre schedules, short bios, movie summaries and even reviews. So before you rent a film, or stream it, make sure you check on IMDB first for all of the info.

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Aint It Cool


Basic Website with Advanced Info

Ain’t It Cool is a well known website, despite it’s fairly basic design, for the latest gossip, news and reviews on movies, TV and comic books. They offer tons of information about ongoing television and comic projects from major developers, as well as news and reviews of several different entertainment genres, including action, horror, fantasy and science fiction.

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Rotten Tomatoes


Community Consensus on Entertainment

Is that movie you’re about to watch rotten or fresh? Find out and save yourself some time by checking out the Rotten Tomatoes website beforehand. The website is a place for both professional critics and movie-watchers everywhere, to provide a rating about movies and other entertainment, and comment on the quality. They even have a yearly award ceremony for the best and worst in entertainment.

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Learn About and Watch Your Favorite Shows

TV.com is a website dedicated to TV shows. If you’re favorite show is broadcasting, then the information about your show is on this site. You’ll be able to read TV reviews, look at episode guides for your shows, get the latest entertainment news and talk to like-minded entertainment lovers like yourself. You can even watch trailers, clips and full episodes of many shows on the site.

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Apple Trailers


For Those Who Know and Love Apple

Are you a Mac fan? If so, then going to Apple Trailers for your entertainment needs is a no brainer. Run by Apple, the website allows you to view several recent movie trailers for the latest releases and upcoming releases. And if you find something you like, it’s so easy to be transferred to the iTunes store, so you can download and stream the content to your favorite Apple devices.

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Trailer Addict


For the Movie Trailer Addicts

Do you have a love for watching movie trailers? This is the site to get your fix. Trailer Addict offers HD quality movie trailers that are embeddable. In addition to all of the latest and greatest in movie trailers, you can watch teasers, other clips and more video content of not only new and upcoming releases, but of your favorite classic films.

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MRG Entertainment

MRG Entertaiment

Learn How to Contact the Entertainment Industry

As part of IMDb’s Pro services, there is the MRG Entertainment service you can use. By signing up and paying for this premium service, you will get tons of company and employee contact information – more than 55,00 companies in entertainment are listed within this service. There are also 140,000 with listed contact information that work as producers, directors and actors. You can access a free trial of the surface online.

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Innovative Take on Entertainment Reviews

When you want to know if something in entertainment is worth your time and money, people often turn to review sites for the good information. The Metacritic website is an entertainment review site, but is innovative in it’s approach. You can get the consensus of all of the different critics and reviewers out there for a show or movie, and the title is given a metascore, so instead of scrolling through numerous subjective reviews, all you need to see is their simple score.

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Cinema Blend


Reporting on Your Entertainment

If you like to stay up to date in all of the latest entertainment news, including reports on movies, video games, TV and pop culture moments, then you’ve got to stay plugged in to the CinemaBlend website. They publish information constantly, and they always will be one of the first sources to provide information on the entertainment industry. So keep in the loop, and keep an eye on updates from CinemaBlend.

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Empire Online


Get Empire Magazine Online

Are you a fan of the Empire Magazine? Many people are, and it’s one of the top news and entertainment sources out there. But in a digital generation, people don’t want pesky subscriptions and physical printed media to deal with. And this is why Empire Online is the perfect place to get the magazine, but in an all-online version. You can subscribe to the digital copy, and access it from any electronic device.

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