Vending Machines You'll Wish We Had More Of In The World

From a machine that accepts hugs instead of money, to robotic convenience stores, lets take a look at 20 machines that should exist in more places around the …


  1. When I was younger my mum was against getting me a pet because I was two young. But one day me my brother my mum mum and my brothers friend all went on a holiday. We hired a camavan. On the last day we went to a fair thing. It had a hook the duck game. My mum went for a couple of mins. My Nan took me my brother and brothers friend to the hook the duck. We all won except my brother but they felt sorry for him. We looked at the prizes. They was all gold fish. So we all got a gold fish because of my Nan. When my mum came back she very confused and asked when happened. She wasn’t that happy…

  2. I see there’s good reasons why people would have these Machines so bank robbers and thieves don’t. Get there like that but it’s killing American jobs and every other job person that needs to work for a living least one good thing about it it kills of robbers that means anybody that has to fight a machine to get whatever they want they are going to get the money and run

  3. The guy who won a cat hat also won a nice camera from that machine…. he's Ericsurf6 and he reviews cool Japanese vending machines, I love watching his videos.

  4. Holy crud, I remember in 1st grade when I was in Alaska, they had those pencil vending machines in my school, ah I miss Alaska

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