Videos Websites That You Can Not Miss

Everyone’s Favorite Video Site


Youtube has become a huge part of pop culture and technology. It’s a place where you can find pretty much any video you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s been the launching point for people’s careers, and it’s also a place where you can listen to your favorite artist’s new release before going to purchase the song on iTunes. Sometimes there’s some really out there stuff on the site, but mostly it’s just a whole lot of fun.

Visit Youtube here


Popular Video Platform


Clearly there’s a lot of video content to be viewed over the internet. The question is, where to host it and view it? The answer is Daily Motion. They offer high quality video viewing to users. Many artists and comedians post their content on Daily Motion, and it serves as a great way to get all of the latest information and video content that you can enjoy in your spare time.

Visit DailyMotion here


High Quality Content on a Video Platform


Are you in the mood to watch some awesome high quality videos? Then get ready to check out Vimeo’s website. They’ve got some of the best video content out there, and the graphics are just breathtaking. The site has spent a lot of time building up their various applications to watch content, so you can even see all that Vimeo has to offer when you’re on the go.

Visit Vimeo here


Twitch TV for Your Entertainment


Twitch TV has various different feeds with content and videos that you can look at all the time, and keep up to date on gaming. The website has a focus on sports, and offer a lot of content about pro players in their sport, tournaments going on, sports leagues and other organizations that focus on sports. So make sure you’re looking at this site if you’re a sports buff.

Visit Twitch here


Video Site Redefining Media


Live Leak is a website known for having somewhat graphic but up to the minute videos and coverage of controversial topics and news. If you want to know what’s really going on around the world, even the more graphic stuff that people tend to not want to talk about, then this is the site you need to be looking at. Their goal is to redefine the media and make it more accessible than before.

Visit LiveLeak here


Live TV from Everywhere


If you want to see video feed live, then you have to check out Ustream. Streamers can create live content for you to view, and it’s a good way for businesses to film and publicize their events, chat with others and even record live shows to play back later. The graphics on the site are great, and there’s also a great streaming community you can interact with.

Visit uStream here


Take a Break on Break


If you need a minute of down time to relax and distract yourself, then hop on Break’s website. It’s got funny content, videos and articles that will keep you up to date, as well as entertained. You are also encouraged to make an account on the site,  so you can interact with all of the other users in the community – another good way to spend some time.

Visit Break here


Short Videos, But Lots of Fun


Metacafe has found a niche that’s really entertaining for you, and works for them – short form videos. They offer video content on such a huge array of topics, including video games, movies, sports, and pretty much anything pop culture. According to their site, they’re geared towards young males that are big on entertainment, but the ladies may be able to find something they like too.

Visit MetaCafe here


News from Around, In Video Format


Yahoo Screen is taking another approach to showing video content, providing you with engaging videos about news and a variety of interesting topics, pulled from sites in many moments, and put all on one Yahoo interface. The more videos you watch, if you’re signed in, the more personalized the video choices are, so that they match your interests and viewing preferences.

Visit Yahoo here

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