VLOG Episode 4: Happy Pancake Day!

Filmed on the Panasonic Lumix GM5: http://goo.gl/2FAP3U Subscribe to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/donalskehan Follow me on Twitter: …


  1. I absolutely love Max, he's so cute. I have to say I'm looking forward to seeing your series on Food Network UK using that kitchen so well known and used by Jamie Oliver. I'm sure you'll have cooked wonderful things in it too.. when can we expect to see that series? +Donal Skehan 

  2. Jamie's 15minute meals kitchen? Looked very familiar so it might be it. I missed out on pancake tuesday but I will probably have a pancake saturday 🙂 since i just recently moved to UK and still don't have a full set of kitchen pans and stuff, I was wondering is there a way to make yorkshire puddings without using a cupcake tin? there probably is but haven't looked it up. Oh and you're out of focus again 🙁 anyhow, good luck with the iPhone

  3. Hay Donal,
    I have enjoyed watching you on youtube and TV. You have a great personallity for this! One recipe I have yet to try is a orange cardamom chicken. See what you think of that idea, and good luck with your phone!

  4. Call me slow but I just realized Max has somewhat stubby legs. Does he have any corgi in him? Corgis are my weakness, especially my little Pembrokeshire Starbuck.

  5. There is hope.  The rice trick has worked for me twice!  Just be careful not to get a grain of rice stuck in the earphone hole.  I did mess my phone's ability to use headphones. 🙁

  6. Rice worked for my iPhone, but I didn't put it in the washer – just dropped it in a bucket of soapy water. I really hope it works for yours 🙂 

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