WARNING: Do Not “Dirty Bulk” (Until You Watch This) – Big Brandon Carter

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  1. Apparently bulking and cutting too soon with fuck your hormones up because you're going from catabolism to fucking to eating in a surplus. So you're going to be completely fucked, but that was from the hodgetwins

  2. if by dirty bulk, we are talking pizzas and milkshakes and junk calories, I do not think dirty bulking is worth it. of course, even on a CLEAN bulk, you're bound to put on some fat, so this Hopkins study is anecdotal. I think this study would be relevant to a subject who is physically inactive. everyone on here knows that even if you gain a 100 pounds of junk weight, cardio and cutting calories, given enough time, will shed the pounds.

  3. Thanks man, I'm 15 years old and this was awesome help. I've been seeing results and can see my abs and I didn't know what else I could do to maintain my ab game and put on that muscle mass. I thank you dog, keep being great.

  4. Question(just curious): Do the new fat cells have an impact on the fat growth rate or only on the capacity. Cause having more Fat cells that could store fat, wouldn't have an direct impact on the growth rate or do I overlook sth.?

  5. I dirty bulked, took me a long time to lose 15 lbs of fat. Gained 7 lbs muscle, in a few months, but now i have to permanently be on a low carb diet.

  6. Okay I see the video now okay I'm not fat lol I'm just okay I walk a lot so I burn a lot of fat shit 150 is not fat so if I use it for 2 week then go back to using mass I just need to find the rite stuff because I don't have a training but myself and what I do is use the cap barbell 25lb and pull up and push up sit up and a lil more but that's it

  7. I honestly this is how Im going about it. I noticed how lean i'm getting in the mirror. im finally seeing bicep veins and forearm veins. my back is getting wider and more dense. Im even seeing the splits between my outer and inner quads, my calves are looking like more jacked on some third trimester shit. Clean bulking is the way t go. It worked for reg park, Frank Zane, Steve reeves, Frank Columbu and many others. Chicken, lean beef, rice, beans, whole wheats and grains, Peanut butter, fish, cottage cheese and eggs along with your veggies, and vitamins and shakes. Thats literally all you fucking need to not only get leaner but bigger without gaining so much fat. Just follow IIFYM if you want a classic, aesthetic physique that is also strong. Take your time and enjoy the ride there is no need rush and kill yourself for results that you'll only have for like half a year.

  8. Can someone answer this for me? When going on a calorie surplus I get you're trying to build mass by downing all kinds of foods. Won't that wreck you when it comes to things like blood pressure, cholesterol and all that?

  9. Damn, that fuckin sucks man.now it's gonna harder for me to stay lean for at least the next few years until i put on more muscle.oh well…but what about cryotherapy? will freezing the fat cells kill them permanently? or will they just grow back?

  10. Soooo, if i was obese before i started working out 5-6 years ago, based on your opinion I should just dirty bulk since I already have the fat cells? It would be impossible for me to gain more "fat cells" than before.

    Also, my physique is not "ruined" forever. Looking better than 99% of the people in my gym.

  11. @Brandon Carter did you ever tried in your life a bulk for months? Now im in a bulking fase of 5,5 months but want to start cut at month 6. What do you suggest me?

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