The la fit expo seems to be getting bigger every year . I am forever grateful for all of you guys…sometimes I don’t even know what to say…your stories motivate …


  1. Seeing all the people who you inspire to go for their health goals including my own like you have the ability to change global obesity. You have been around for a little while and have impacted so many. Looking forward to you transforming the world bro. #SQUAD

  2. First time commenting on anything you've done, but honestly this is probably one of the best videos you have produced. The amount of genuine care you have for your fan base is unparalleled. Hope God continues to watch over your life and help you to reach your own personal goals as well as help you broaden your reach to help those who truly need a figure to look up to.

  3. bradley i love watching your videos i watch all your videos because truly i wanna be like you im only 15 but im smaller i actually got mad fun of for being skinny alot so for about the passed 2months ive been watching your videos and taking your tips for me when i lift but theres not a gym anywhere near me and i really wanna get big but my parents and sisters dont think i can do it so im trying to prove them wrong and i only have a bench bar that i lift with because my mom doesnt wanna waste her money case she said i wont do it but im not saying shes a bad mother just she doesnt belive that ill get big but can you PLEASEEE make a video of a way to lift and get big with just a bench bar PLEASE but i love the videos man thank you

  4. Bradley the guy that had a major transformation because of the cheating girlfriend Wow…!! i hope he keeps it up amazing,Bradley your attitude is the best so much love respect just like my Dad ,not just words really mean it , keep it up ,My Lexi

  5. Great vid Bradley . You kept it real from start to finish. It was great to see you meeting the family ( your public) , and not like most others,spinning of names " look who I bumped into " . Your the best man, and I'll knock down walls to try to catch you, at Bodypower UK. Norm.

  6. No way I could deal with all those people swapping me like that. You were truly made for that life. And awesome how you kept a great attitude through it all.

  7. I want to get the opportunity to work out with you , need that Bradley works out with fan(squad) video you can even make it a contest or a ritual you do every few months. Bradley trains with the squad

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