What Alien Life On Other Planets Would Look Like

What would alien life on other planets look like? Here’s what scientists predict aliens on other planets would look like…. Subscribe for more!


  1. damn you people are so-far behind the reality. Life exist in other planets and even intelligent life similar to us living in cities or communities. this was revealed 1300 years ago by the brother in-law of the messenger of allah mohammad(pbuh) and shiahs first imam ali(as). One day imam ali(as) was walking down a pathway and one of his disiphels came to him and asked about the stars in the night sky and if there is life in them. imam ali(as) replied that those lights are stars similar to our sun and they have worlds (planets) and many of them have intelligent life like us living in cities as they are all allah's creation. This was at a time where the europe was in the dark ages and witches were burned and ignorance ran-wild.

  2. This is all very dubious; as you claim that creatures 'like us' on a smaller planet will be taller, but we already have both very tall animals ( giraffes ) and short stocky animals ( that you claim will evolve on heavier bigger planets ) like lizards ! ? The real expectations we should expect is the unexpected. Plus; molecular solutions that do not include DNA or even coded based life ( ? )

  3. I don´t know . All I know is short grey told me they are an evil empire , & saw them as green fog log heading out the closed window back of the living room couch from later found out was landing me back home , & saw them as shape shifters turning themselves as human children , & they to also have same traits as spirit bad angels and behavior , & like messing with males seed to make hybrids , & evil copies of ppl. , due to stingy women , having be done happing of what Jesus don´t want them to do , but allow them to do . So if they can do whatever whith human male seed , then they can make creature flesh and blood demons as well on planets , it seems .

  4. Aliens would’ve looked and acted nothing like us humans and any animal we’ve seen before on Earth, no matter how similar their planet is from ours. In fact, their whole biology and physiology would’ve been so different from that of life here on Earth that we humans may not even recognized them as “life forms”.

    Aliens do not necessarily need water or any of the properties life here on Earth needed to survive in order to survive. And a planet does not necessarily need to be “Earth-like” for it to have life on it. Life can form on nearly any planet, and the way they first formed and evolved on their planets may have even been completely different from the way life on Earth first formed and evolved, depending on how similar or different their planet is from ours of course.

    As for intelligent/sentient aliens, they would’ve either gone extinct or moved out to somewhere far away where we humans will never reach, by now. And even if we humans are lucky enough to contact them in some way, we’ll never have been able to understand them and they wouldn’t have understood us either. Therefore, we would never have been able to communicate with them in any way, and they would’ve more than likely ignored us too.

    This is an alien/extraterrestrial being for ya. This is what they really are, not those that we all grew up knowing from pop culture.

  5. Stop using Fahrenheit.
    The US is the only relevant country still using this antiquated system.
    It's inferior to celcius in so many ways. 1 SI unit is equivalent to 1 degree celcius incrementally. Celsius uses the freezing point of water and the joining point of water as a scale of 100 so it's more intuitive and has realistic reference

  6. 0:52
    I guess the planets don't need factors some factors to support life as living beings adapt to their environment and ALIENS might not need all the requirements for surivial similar to human beings.

  7. Title should be: what life on other planets Could look like… There is absolutely no way to tell what it Would look like.

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