What Avengers Actor Is the Most Replaceable? – MOVIE FIGHTS!!

Pick your FIGHT below! ▽▽ 0:04:41 ROUND 1 What Avengers actor is the most replaceable? 0:18:11 ROUND 2 What role would you most want to see an older …


  1. i mean knowing how alot of parents are a lot of ten year olds wouldn't have cell phones and if he did have one then a cell phone tower fell in that same storm with the power lines

  2. Why does this lady hate Jeremy. The man did a pretty good job in the time they've given him. Plus he was kinda funny in most of the movies. She threw out that he is sexist, but never brought it back up. And just kept saying he sucked but didn't answer to why he does?

  3. So Gina refers to Renner as sexist literally only once, gives plenty of arguments besides that (not perfect arguments, but nobody really gave a great argument in that round), I'm completely baffled.

  4. I agree with Tony. Chris Evans is my famourite among the Avengers actors, but Captain America would be the easiest to replace because they already have two replacements ready in line with Bucky and Sam. So story-wise, Evans as Steve Rogers would be the most replaceable. Now if we're talking about replacing the actor without changing the character, then Chris Evans should not be touched as he embodied Steve Rogers perfectly and he is the 2nd most important actor after Robert Downey Jr. In that case, I would say Jeremy Renner would be the most replaceable because his character is not as iconic as the others and therefore it would be easier for the audience to adjust to the change. Chris Hemsworth is quite replaceable too, but because his character is more iconic, people will have a harder time forgetting Hemsworth as Thor.

  5. Hawkeye and Falcon should have been killed off in the first AVENGERS film. They are both incredibly weak characters. It doesn't help, of course, that Kevin Feige made certain that Hawkeye didn't get a costume (J. Renner is wearing the same exact outfit he wore in S.W.A.T.) and Falcon's costume was replaced with bland, boring, military armor.

  6. I hate Jeremy Renner as an actor. As a person he's fine. But god he's dead awful in any movie he's in.

    Except The Hurt Locker. But you can't coast on one movie your whole career

  7. Too many people in the comments section defending this chick. Too easy to defend crazy these days by just saying anyone who disagrees with a woman is 'sexist' or 'hates feminism'. It's just people's opinion that she was crazy rude to Jeremy Renner for a joke that he made once, and everyone else dismisses it because they can't take a joke or an opinion either

  8. Cap being my favourite superhero and Chris Evans embodies him! No one can replace him to start that off made me dislike this a lot but war machine is definitely the most replaceable in my opinion I don't care for him one bit lol and he barely adds anything just a friend of iron man

  9. IMO, Chris Hemsworth is by far the most replaceable. He seems like a great guy, but he doesn't make Thor interesting for me. I didn't even realize that he wasn't in Civil War, and I feel like most people only care about the Thor movies because of Loki.

  10. In the Hotel fight, why didn't anyone mention the fact that Spirited Away is about child prostitution? Even Miyazaki has said it. It would have closed that Hotel debate pretty fast.

  11. Please keep having on comedians and cool guests who actually have fun with the format, it makes for a truely hilarious and enjoyable watch, Dont let hateful trolls discourage that at all.

    Thanks for a another great episode guys!!

  12. I've found I don't care for Gina's presence on the show. I understand getting into it and what not, but she's almost always just loud and pretentious. My favorite guests are usually the ones like Tony who can disagree but be cool about it.

  13. What Avengers actor is the most replaceable?

    – Both actor and character, Hawkeye.

    What role would you most want to see an older actor revisit using technology?

    – Baron's reason to bring back Sean Connery was to help make it grittier but then he pitched James Bond having a biotic leg with a nuke inside.

    What movie would inspire the best theme hotel?

    – I don't see how you could capture the movie magic of 'Spirited Away' in a real hotel. The spectacle could only be done in drawn animated form.
    Also, if you're talking about going to the film version (as if we lived in that world – the fighters seemed to conflate arguments for a themed hotel with ones for the literal embodiment of what is in the film), you wouldn't be accepted as a human and you'd have to go through a load of work with a sinister witch boss… It doesn't sound very inviting to me.

    What is the worst Harrison Ford movie?

    – "It's a critical and commercial success" is a rubbish argument. That's just saying "more people agree with me therefore, I'm right".

  14. I used to love movie fights but recently they have been getting more political and i am sick of it. Please stop having obviously rude and polarizing fighters. You are better than this

  15. There are so many reasons as to why Jeremy Renner is the most replaceable. None of which, that I thought of, would be anything he said in an interview. My thoughts were the importance of his character in relation to the bigger movie universe and him generally being a side guy. I thought they would be talking about the characters and not the personal lives of the actors.

  16. LOL @ the hurt white guys in the comments section. Y'all mad she jokingly mentioned Jeremy's sexist behavior for like 5 seconds but she's the one that's sensitive? Perfect sense… not lol.

  17. I will be civil. Gina came off very obnoxious, straight up attacking Renner and weak arguments like "hey too much penis and not enough melanin up in there" could have done without that, I honestly wish an actors race and sex stop being a factor when discussing (unless it's relevant to a role)

  18. Hawkeye is the most replaceable since you have Kate Bishop. No need for the young avengers, you can just use Kate Bishop and I would pick Millie Bobby Brown. Gina is wrong you need to use mythology or story-based issues not personal problems with the actor.

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