Whole Smoked Rabbit + BBQ Pork Banh Mi Experience


  1. Do you need one more friend? Hot girl 34 love meat and cook BBQ HAHAHAand French Quebec Canada .. Seriously, what is the best way to cook a rabbit if I have a regular BBQ gas? Would you put water and shit in it? Can I still find a way to smoke it? Thanks

  2. Great video. I started out smoking on that Brinkman smoker too! lol. Funny thing is I was down 9th street today and got a rabbit to smoke this weekend. I was looking for ideas and found your video! Awesome!

  3. You vegans are fucking retarded. if a person wants to eat meat who are you to force your beliefs on them? let them be, theyre not hurting anyone.. lol except animals ofcorse, but who cares right? 🙂

  4. I thought these fuckers were vegan? This is beyond repulsive.. Why don't you go cook your fucking dog while your at it your heartless pricks. Fuck you and all your sick fucking evil followers. I hope you joke on a bone right now and due.. Eating an sweet innocent being that wants to live is bad karma and I wish it on you in the worst way possible.. Every time you eat meat I hope your stomach fills with maggots and your get twisted stabbing pains in your gut and the pain is so bad you wish you were dead!

  5. bro, lover the yeungling beer, i live in Canada near upstate new York border. Every time I cross I grab a case of my all time favorite beer yeungling.

    maybe make a new video on some recipes with good beer? none of that bud light coors light garbage

  6. $50 FOR A GULDAMN RABBIT? The most highly sexual reproductive animal on earth and more abundance and actually condemned as a overpopulatious species in some countries and you paid $50 for it? lol thats more than chicken-turkey-pork AND fish from the coasts lol wtf

  7. $50 for a fucking rabbit? For meat that truly "tastes like chicken?" You are obviously unaware that you can find rabbit for about $10 in the frozen foods section of many ethnic supermarkets. Idiot! $50?!?!?!

  8. I love that you never see anyone complain about cooking meat in your other videos, but as soon as they see the whole skinned animal everyone is up in arms over it. This is what your food looks like before its cut up and processed for you people. How could anyone like meat but think this video is disturbing? How disrespectful of you to not care about the animal as long as it comes in a plastic wrapped package for you…

    p.s. I love meat, it IS possible to care/respect animals and eat them too

  9. i eat my rabbit with polenta… now i will have to try to smoke one! Keep making these wonderful videos, I enjoy the free flowing creative kitchen experimentation you brother have going on.

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