Why Did I Get Married Too? – “Go Figure” Teaser

athered together in the Bahamas for their annual one-week reunion, four close couples eagerly reconnect, sharing news about their lives and relationships.


  1. The comedy in this movie is great, it mainly does appeal to people of my age. The plot, the storyline, real originality …like a lot…I'll give 10 of 10 this.. watch for this on malifilmici.co.cc

  2. Thumbs up!! Rule one: do not go to the cinema to see it! Rule two: do not expect something familier to everything you have already seen! And the most important rule of all, Rule three: be ready for the spectacular acters.. Check this out on kookíca.

  3. @papacoolbreeze I'm sorry, where do you see any hood in this movie. Do you tell directors that have majority white casts that they should stop having so many white people in their films. Judd Apatow (I do like his movies) can have his own style, cast some of the same folks over and over again, but that's just fine because he represents the 'majority.' Tyler Perry is the one man out there that's consistently casting black actors…I find no fault…sorry.

  4. hood? the people in this movie are wealthy and upper class. Why do you equate blackness with criminal behavior. These are just people dealing with relationships..and they just happen to be black

  5. @98dancerchick I'm black as well…
    I've been to many movies where there were
    mostly black actors, and it is very obvious that
    there's a vast majority of black people acting exactly how
    i described..

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