Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Hayden Panettiere Anymore

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  1. she also gets in the news for doing stupid things like going to japan to stop fishing boats from fishing, wait for them to call the police and then run to the airport and say "this is the bravest thing i ever did and i made a difference" i wonder if they still have an arrest warrant for her in japan?

  2. This was the stupidest video ive seen. So innacurate. You should say that this is solely your opinion instead of passing it off as a factual video. This is all speculation and quite frankly bullshit. You know some actors work because they like a project, not every project they choose is a blockbuster and they know that going in. Personally i enjoyed i love you beth cooper and i think she has had more success than you give her credit for. Many people will not agree with you and think the opposite so again this is just your opinion.

  3. The problem is, as you hinted at, but missed, Hayden Panettiere comes across AS "Beth Cooper." Aloof, condasending, and not pretty enough to get away with it.

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