Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Jenna Elfman Anymore

If you’re new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Nicki-Swift In 1999, Jenna Elfman won a Golden Globe for playing Dharma Freedom Finkelstein …


  1. I tried to watch "Imaginary Mary" because I was such a fan of Dharma. There's a shining good reason it was pulled after six episodes and treated like a mini series. Now that I know she follows a "religion" created by a drugged out sci-fi writer, I don't intend to watch anything else that has her name attached.

  2. She appeals to a cerebral audience who are all dead now. Dharma And Gregg took place in the Bay area and the characters represented a very special brand of San Francisco urbanite. Sadly this generation has been pushed out by techie-whores and programmer slaves, thus the climate has completely changed along with tastes in sitcoms. There's a sitcom about techies that are a dime a dozen these days. Loved her then, always will.

  3. She's in the same boat that Kelly Preston is. She couldn't blow scientology even if she wanted to, she is married in. Bodhi is one of the original sea org guys. She was pressed on the church and she attacked some guy on the street, like they ALL do when they are pressed. She called the guy a child molester, because that's ALSO what they all do when they are questioned. Not a good person. Hey Jenna does that make me an SP? PLEASE SAY YES!

  4. I truly do not understand why this sort of crap is posted:

    Imaginary Mary – 2017
    Barry – 2016
    The Perfect Stanleys – 2105
    Gigi: Almost American – Season Two – 2014
    Big Stone Gap – 2014
    and it just keeps going.

  5. scientologist! nuff said!… well that and like all the other celebs they 1) know what is really going on but hey as long as it's okay for them, because you know THEY ARE CELEBS after all, then who cares about anyone else! or is it 2) they truly think and believe that every story, every ex-member, every critic FROM AROUND THE WORLD is wrong and lying! everyone! EVERYONE?!…

    AND LET me not forget to mention that when ole jenna is asked about it or confronted about it she loves to spew in screaming tones "what are your crimes!" and another favorite line of hers "have you killed a baby!"….

    boycott her and EVERY SINGLE scientologist!…

  6. umm doesn't she have this new tv series coming up. just saw her in conan. shes also pretty up there in age and married with kids. I think Hollywood won't cast her because of her not going out and auditioning…. bro I love your channel but this shit is getting ridiculous and just pure speculations on your end.

  7. Apparently they will cast this crapologist because I saw an ad for some stupid new series that will be lucky to last a month. I won't support anything with her, Travolta, or crazy Crooz because of their ridiculous ideologies.

  8. I want to meet one of the two people who believe that an imaginary puppet is going to appeal to more than those two people. She is maybe the hottest actress in Hollywood but chooses these really rotten roles.

  9. She has been reduced to an empty-headed shill for a rat infested cult of jerks. I have talked with former members about their lives in the cult. The lucky ones were those who only lost money. Others lost their lives.

  10. Guess you missed all the ads for her new sitcom Ted ripoff, Mary something something but not Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman which may have been a fun reboot.

  11. Didn't realize that announcing someone is a Scientologist could ruin a hard-on until now. Why couldn't she have a forgivable bad habit like being a drug addict… or a jihadist?

    Oh well, at least we still have reruns.

  12. I loved Jenna and Dharma and Greg, but I have 2 say I wish that they would come out with more of the seasons on DVD, So far only 2 and the years that it has taken for that have been long (Season 1 June 13, 2006 Season 2 November 11, 2014) at the rate this is going I will be dead before they all come out Bummer! Thanks for this video and update

  13. Three disappointing people: Elfman, Ethan Suplee and Jason Lee. All Scientologists, all comic actors, and yet Scientology seems to be a decidedly humourless set of beliefs.

    Though at least Jason Lee might not be a cult follower anymore.

  14. +Nicki Swift : You obviously don't work in this (entertainment) business, because, if you did, you wouldn't waste time making such nonsensical videos.

    'Nonsensical', because, you seem to make people have the (FALSE) belief that there's a specific reason as to why (fill-in-the-name) isn't working – or, more accurately, isn't making a-type product' (be it movie, or TV).

    The simple reasons are as follows;

    1) there's an unwritten rule (I didn't make it up, and screaming 'that's not fair' hasn't and wont change it), which is that women – once they hit 40 – find it harder (and harder, as they age) to get those roles.

    2) ANY-one winning awards such as 'best actress' (esp. In film) automatically finds it hard – if not impossible to get work.


    The belief that with the award, so goes their price – UP.

    That brings me to the last problem; the huge amount of 'product' needed for all the places to show it.

    It USED to be only 3 networks (in the states), and the movie studios.

    Not any more.

    There's so many outlets, which need product, that they need people (as cheap as possible, i.e., 'reality' (right) – programmes) – to be on these things.

    Why pay so-and-so a HUGE amount, when it's cheaper to get an unknown – use them, then, if their prce goes up, recast?

    Look at the movies – all they do is 're-boot' – hire a new (CHEAPER) cast.

    This woman – Ms. Elfman (NOT someone I've ever been enamoured by) you are making out like she's the 'golden calf', the pinnacle of talent, when, in fact, she's really not anything speacial – then (when she had her network series), and definitely not now.

    There IS – ALWAYS – someone newer, younger, and CHEAPER – always right behind you.

    One CAN'T develop anything lose to a 'career' which would last ore than a film, or 2, or a TV series, or so.

    THAT is ALL there is to it.

    Yes, I DO know what I'm speaking of.

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