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  1. Good insight. Agree…we are programmed democrat/republican, this/that. I do about 14xbodyweight as my sustain, then go up or down depending on need of calories. I've done intermetent fasting a couple days a week on days I pull double shifts. Easier cuz I don't have to be at work and eat their shitty food.

  2. Btw I used to weigh 178 and am now 168 and height is 5'11 and from when I was 178 I saw my waist get smaller and leaner and I plan on having a nice six pack by 2018. Thank you for ur time to reply 🙂 ur help is much needed

  3. I just discovered intermittent fasting today and I really am excited to try it regardless of you saying you stopped doing. Ima give it a shot. I'm 19 and I started a consistent good diet a month and a half ago and lost 10 lbs. I have ate healthy and exercised everyday except for one cheat day each week. And I found out about IF today and I am for sure Ima try it. Any things I should NOT DO while doing IF??? I need ur help

  4. WELL DUH, u hit the nail on the forehead! Not one diet fits all, and not one diet fits all during one period of time. It's sorta like MMA. People are into one school of martial arts, but then comes Bruce Lee who combines the best aspects of everything and says that it depends on the individual.
    Like Michael Phelps performance diet at 12,000 calories a day w/ pancakes and pasta all day long, and he'd not do well on a a Keto diet during that time period where quick energy matters. However, put us on that diet, we would blimp all of us up 15 lbs in a week or something like that.
    I like your thinking. I think all of us should do whats working for us, but also track it correctly.

  5. the only reason i like intermittent fasting is the fact that i can put my eating window whenever i want.. i personally have problems with eating nothing or very small meal like cottage cheese or just protein shake.. i did that last year but as calories were getting lower the harder it became to keep up when i was going to bed. If i didn't sleep emediately I'd crave stuff and sometimes even fuck up my diet and actually fuck up big time cus i didnt snack on small shit to get rid of hunger, i'd eat a giant sandwich till im full and that aint good.. with IF my eating window ends when i go to bed so i save a decent meal for then.. keto i haven't tried yet but im thinking about doing it out of curiosity when i get back from vacation.

  6. Agree with almost everything that was said but cant help but be bothered every time I hear the evolution lie. We were created in God's image. Every thing you see was made in 6 days. Check out the Biblical creation worldview guys.

  7. Finally…some critical thinking, and not just obsessive promotion for intermittent fasting. I studied IF and I started to understand the benefits, but at first, running into so many people on youtube that praise IF like some sort of magical solution, even to the point where some youtubers (including a doctor) said it doesnt't even matter how many calories you're taking in, made me really skeptical of it and I thought I fell into the youtube's delusional spot. I love your rational view.

  8. Really like what you said about pledging your allegiance to one specific system. People do this all the time and claim that their method is the best or that YOU need to do it in order to be healthy, which is silly.

  9. Good stuff until the ad at the end. The quiz is pretty simple marketing and I felt like Brandon is intelligent enough that his viewers might be as well so the tactic to market fit is off.

  10. Brandon, just stumbled on your channel and subscribed based on this video alone. Two main reasons. (1.) When you say (and I wrote this down because I firmly believe in the same approach to anything) "People want to pledge their allegiance to one method" and you walk through how it's maybe because we are part of a "tribe" mentality. I, too, want to learn all the different protocols as tools to use the right tool at the right time. Very well said and I hope this outlook is consistent in your other content. (2.) I died when you pet the dog and then forgot what you were talking about. Totally something I would do. Good recovery haha.

  11. Why to quit intermittent fasting? Because for bigger muscle mass, you need to feed more muscle cells… so you will feel weaker if you decide to increase muscle without increasing calories. You add protein, your muscles try to grow but they cannot gather enough energy to work correctly.

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