Why Won’t Bethesda Release Elder Scrolls 6?

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  1. I hope they make TES IV more old school rpg again. Not very likely though, as skyrim and fallout 4 sold so well, that they are probably going to stream-line the game even further, making it more action adventure game than roll play game. Well lets hope they wont make you pay for mods ^^

  2. I'm gonna answer this without watching this video: Bethesda Game Studios is a small team that can only take on one project at a time. At the conclusion of ES5 they began working on fallout which took 5 years. They have recently concluded FO4 so best case they will begin working on ES. However, they want to take on 3 new IPs so there's a chance they won't be working on elderscrolls for a while. Sorry, ain't happening for like 10 years.

  3. if skyrim remastered had the ability to have another 3 or 4 of your friends in game with you it would be an even better game, fixed the glitches, and added even STRONGER enemies would probably make the game much more fun.

  4. They said they eventually want to do it so lets just give em some time. I'm kinda hoping they'll remaster oblivion soon because thats my favorite elder scrolls game and I would love to be able to play it with super awesome graphics without having to mod my game

  5. Probobly the smartest developers on the market, they actually make their games better, it's insane for a game series to get to 5 sequels O.O most get to 3 and if they're lucky the 3rd one isn't shit…
    Focusing on actually making the game better in every way is so smart yet so rare… they actually do what gamers want!

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