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Meet Magneto. Hellbent on revenge. Following the critically acclaimed global smash hit X-Men: Days of Future Past, director Bryan Singer returns with X-MEN: …


  1. Magneto is the most powerful mutant. The earth is one giant magnetic field, Magneto controls all magnetism. Therefore Magneto should control everything on earth whether it's magnetic or not. Magneto should defeat apocalypse, all the x-men, and the Phoenix all combined by himself. Magneto's powers in a magnetic field called Earth should give him the powers of a god.

  2. I'm gonna say that Magneto was the most tragic character in this movie. And my younger brother didn't believe me when I told him that Apocalypse made Magneto his Horseman of War.

  3. Magneto is more powerful than Apocalypse. I actually really loved the new X-men film got some mixed reviews but was so much fun. I want to see Magneto and Apocalypse really have it out comic style, Apocalypse is ridiculously powerful but Magnetos got this one for a 3rd time 😉

  4. I mean seriously, Michael Fassbender is like the best actor ever, he portraits his role so so so well. Magneto here is like the role was made for him! He should have won the Oscar. He plays cold-face kind of character so well. Sir Ian Mckellen and Michael Fassbender are the two for Magneto, I dont want anyone else play this character.

  5. "Days of Future Past" was a critical hit? Really? That piece of convoluted mess? Entertaining, despite the bad writing . . . yes. But a critical hit? This goes to show that one shouldn't pay attention to critics.

    If this latest film is set in the 1980s, why are Fassbender and McAvoy repeating their roles? Neither actor has reached his 40s, and yet they are portraying characters who should be in their 50s in "APOCALYPSE".

  6. I was kind of hoping that Magneto would not be a villain for a change. I completely understand that the demise of his family in Poland (Magda and Anya, although their appearance in the comics is WAY before these events) will influence him to join Apocalypse. However, looking at Erik's past, he should've been able to see Apocalypse's deception from a mile away.
    While both mutants advocate for mutant freedom, Erik doesn't necessarily believe in purging the weak, which include mutants beginning to unlock their powers.
    Also, I never imagined Erik as a follower, but rather a leader. The fact that he (most likely) willing allowed himself to become a puppet — sacrificing his powers, control, and freedom — is far from the real Erik. It would've been interesting to see him mentor the X-Men (as well as his son), instead of Mystique/Raven.
    Still, Michael Fassbender (as well as Evan Peters, Oscar Isaac, and James McAvoy) are the reason I'm still considering watching this film. He is a phenomenal actor and, based on the trailers, it looks like he's going to put on an emotional performance 🙁

  7. He lost his family so he feels everyone should suffer? Interesting way of looking at things. He could have used that to help people instead of turning on them.
    What a shame.

  8. I'm just eager to see what happens with Magneto and Quicksilver now they're on opposite sides this time and not the "same side" like in DOFP
    I honestly want a father son moment

  9. A character that never learns from his mistakes.  Despite being told his actions would lead to the end of mutants and a ruined future, he tries to ignite a war between humans and mutants.  It appears his new family gets killed and he goes right back to wanting to annihilate the entire human race instead of individuals.

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